Where women like to wear dresses in Switzerland

different dresses

Dresses are almost always appropriate to wear for any occasion. Work, date-night, cocktails or just having lunch with friends… Nevertheless, every woman has her own preferences! Here is the result of our survey among the Olga Grinyuk brand followers. We love this diversity!

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Special Occasions Dresses 49%
Work Dresses 28%
Casual Dresses 23%

What is your next occasion to wear a dress?

Special Occasions

Whether you’re a wedding guest, preparing for a date-night or a cocktail, you can breathe easy – these must-have dresses will make you feel absolutely beautiful.

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Casual Dresses

Casual dresses must be both comfortable and fashionable. The most important is to find the right dress for your mood.

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Business Dresses

Choose this category when it is critical to look professional and convey your credibility and competence with a unique style.

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