Evening dress vs. Cocktail dress – which dress for which occasion?

Whether wedding party, opera or restaurant, organizers often dictate directly or indirectly certain dress codes. But which dress is suitable for which occasion, in order to appear neither “overdressed” nor “under-dressed”? Olga Grinyuk gives you some tips on how best to dress for evening events.

Depending on the occasion, either evening dresses or cocktail dresses are recommended. Evening dresses are the more elaborate variant and are ideal for festive evening events such as opera visits or receptions. For less formal occasions like birthday parties, a cocktail dress is often the right choice.

Evening Dresses

The main features of evening dresses are the elegant cut and the shape. An evening dress is usually very feminine and elegantly emphasizes the silhouette. Most evening dresses come with a very fine and deliberately chosen cut in mute colors with only a few embellishments. It is advised to wear fine jewelry (silver or gold) such as earrings, a necklace and bracelets with an evening dress. While evening dresses used to be very long, there have been more and more evening dresses with a medium or knee length cut in recent years. For a particularly elegant, evening look, you can complete your outfit with a clutch.

Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses differ to evening dresses in particular by cut, color and embellishment. Cocktail dresses are often of a short to medium length. Many cocktail dresses accentuate the waist, complemented by a belt or various embellishments on the waist. A cocktail dress can also be decorated with beads and sequins on the torso, chest, shoulders and collar. The colors of a cocktail dress are often bright and colorful. Cocktail dresses can be perfectly combined with numerous accessories and are perfectly suitable for less formal evening events such as birthday parties or an evening out.

Our most popular cocktail dresses:

Stylist Tip: No matter the evening gown or cocktail dress, make sure you have the right make-up and hairstyle to match. The colors of the make-up should harmonize with the colors of the dress and match your style.