Dress code in the business world

Whether in the small boutique around the corner, the advertising agency or in the bank – most companies nowadays have their own spoken or unspoken dress code. Olga Grinyuk’s stylist will tell you what’s behind the most common dress codes and share her personal recommendations with you!

Business Attire

The Business Attire Look is the classic dress code that is in demand in banks and business meetings. So that you do not look inferior next to your male colleagues in suits and ties, Olga Grinyuk recommends elegant dresses in mute colors from our collection of business dresses. Clothes should preferably be knee length and muted colors such as black, gray or dark blue are the preferred choice for business attire. Combine your dress with a blazer and elegant silver or gold jewelry to create a perfect business attire look.

Business Casual

The business casual look is a common dress code in Switzerland in renowned companies as well as professions with customer contact in consulting and sales, for example in bank branches or real estate agencies. The business casual look stands for elegant clothing that demands a professional look. But a decent look does not necessarily have to be boring, because with dresses by Olga Grinyuk you can have a professional outfit and always feel modern and elegantly dressed. Dresses with little color contrast are the preferred choice for the business casual look.

Olga Grinyuk’s favorite dress for the business casual look:

Smart Casual

The smart casual look is very popular, especially in small businesses with little customer contact. This dress code is understood to be a casual to slightly elegant outfit. Color choice and accessories may be chosen freely and leave a lot of room for creativity and personality in your styling. Our stylist recommends medium to long dresses in your favorite color, combined with accessories of your choice. Even sporty shoes are acceptable in the smart casual look and give you a sporty, yet feminine look.

Olga Grinyuk’s favorite dress for the smart casual look:

Creative Casual

The creative casual look is a growing trend in many offices. Typically, the creative casual dress code is for modern professions in creative industries, such as advertising agencies or marketing offices. Medium long to long dresses in feminine cuts are the right choice for the creative casual look. Creativity and personality can be reflected in the choice of clothes, but attention must be paid to the right combination of accessories and styling. Both colorful and muted dresses combined with understated accessories are ideal.

Show your personality on Casual Friday!

Casual Friday originated in the United States, but is quickly becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. While a Business Casual or Business Attire look is required from Monday to Thursday, Casual Friday allows a casual yet creative outfit. With dresses by Olga Grinyuk you can have the perfect outfit for a feminine, elegant Casual Friday look.