• Your True Colours & When To Wear Them

    Colour is one sensory experience that never relinquishes its power to wow us—no matter how old we get. A rainbow remains heart-stopping and a beach with turquoise waters mesmerizing. Colour in fashion is no different. But when it comes to our own fashion, we’re not just witnessing gorgeous colour, we’re creating it. We’re the one putting outfits together, with the opportunity to express ourselves with a closet-sized palette that lies before us. And the same way that certain clothing pieces can clash with others, clothing can also clash with… well, us.

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  • Dressing For Your Body Type—Forget Apples, Pears, and Squares (Oh, My!)

    When it comes to dresses, all ladies already know this universal truth: No two women wear the same dress equally. One woman’s pleasure could be another woman’s poison… and no, I’m not suggesting that choosing a dress is a matter of life or death, but we do love fashion that is to die for.

    So, before you fall in love with a dress for its bright jewel-toned hues or its delicate lace trim, mix a little practicality in with your romanticism. In this post, I’ll break down the dependable rules for dressing for your body type.

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